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Flash Trade is a tool which allows users to trade Futures & Options in a single click.

Now you can buy call or put options with UP and DOWN buttons at ultra-fast speed! Set the time and quantity for your desired contract and trade in 3 easy steps:

  • Identify your market view from live streaming charts
  • Click UP to Buy Call for Bullish view or click DOWN to Buy Put for Bearish view
  • Place Order!

Once order is placed, keep trading in same contract with single click.

Trade in “Most traded options”, “Highest OI options”, “ATM options” or “Current Month Futures” using the filters. View details of all your positions and orders in a single screen making your F&O trading truly seamless.


Salient Features of Flash Trade

Single click usage

Buy F&O contracts in just a click

Ultra-Fast speed

Intra-minute Buying at ultra-fast speed

Limited time duration trading

Choose time duration for automatic square-off

Scalping strategy

Seamless trading for Scalping Strategy


The loss is limited to the premium paid during buying

Trade froma single window

Compound your position with the trend!

HOW TO USE Flash Trade?


Go to the F&O section and select Flash Trade

Select the desired underlying by clicking on the pencil icon if required

Choose from market or limit price

Choose the quantity

Set the time duration

Select whether you want order confirmation every time to place order (uncheck for a seamless Trading experience)

Save and confirm to place order





Flash Trade is a tool which allows ICICIdirect clients to trade in Futures & Options in just a single click.

It is available free for all ICICIdirect F&O traders.

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