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Greaves Cotton's E-2W arm Ampere inaugurates its first, one-of-a-kind experience centre in Tamil Nadu

News: Greaves Cotton's EV subsidiary Ampere Vehicles inaugurated its first and one-of-a-kind experience centre at Ranipet, Tamil Nadu. Located at the newly launched EV mega site in Ranipet, the facility is designed with digital interventions that can enable the customer to experience Ampere's electric vehicles.

Views: Ampere is investing significantly in people, technology and infrastructure with an aim to provide a phygital experience. With its EV megasite in Ranipet and the newly opened experience centre, it is committed to better customers experience with new product launches in high speed E-2-W, E-3-W vehicles at Ampere and new business initiatives (CNG engines, after market retail and B2C business), which are likely to provide much needed growth uptick in the long term.

Impact: Positive