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While retirement has different meanings for different individuals, it is generally associated with a few unique changes and individual aspirations. Careful solutioning is required for retirement to meet future cash flow requirements while tackling rising inflation.What does Retirement mean for you?

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Changes in Lifestyle/Cash flow pattern

  • Discontinuation of regular income flow, resulting in need for managing cash flows.
  • Gradual increase in expenses such as medical, leisure etc.
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Retirement dreams range from relaxation to ambitious second careers

  • More time available for spending with family and relatives.
  • Freedom to indulge in things which were put off earlier, like Hobbies, Travelling etc. because of other life demands.
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Financial solutioning becomes critical

  • Lifestyle needs to be backed by investments.
  • Different goals like Bequest, philanthropy etc. will need different financial products.

Calculate Your Retirement Costs

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Monthly Expenses (in today’s value)

I can invest a lumpsum for my Milestone

I can do a monthly SIP for my Milestone

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Total Retirement Expenses


Future Value of Investments




Inflation assumed to be at 6% for calculation purposes


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