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Having done extensive research on what worries the New-Age Indian, we realized that over the years we have started getting dependent, albeit unconsciously, on small things. So much so, that we don’t even realize how dependent we are on them, unless they cease to be a part of our daily lives.

OneAssist – A One Stop Assistance Platform which takes care of all the worries, does all the leg-work and assists you by being that Rock solid support that you can bank on Always. But more importantly, we also ensure that YOU always remain in control and never feel Vulnerable about things you are most dependent upon.

Most often, it is these smallest things which we usually take for granted, that give us the biggest grief. One such crucial dependable is our Wallet – which houses our cards (debit, credit, prepaid etc.) and also our IDs such as PAN and DL, in case of loss or theft we are left unknown worries which we never previously thought of. OneAssist’s WalletAssist helps you alleviate all these worries and hassles and lets you live worry free.

Product Features


One Call to block all cards to OneAssist helpline number 1800-123-3330

No matter where you are, one call to OneAssist 24-hour helpline will ensure that all your cards (credit/debit/prepaid/forex) are blocked.


Emergency Travel assistance

When travelling within India, if your cards go missing or suspect any fraudulent activity on your cards or lose your travel tickets along with your cards, OneAssist will fund your travel and you will be provided replacement travel tickets anywhere in the India up to Rs 80,000 (depending on the plan chosen & Cash Repayable to OneAssist within 28 days), so that you can return home safely and worry free.


Emergency Hotel assistance

In Case you are not in a position to settle your Hotel bills having lost your cards, OneAssist will facilitate payment of your hotel bill anywhere in the India up to Rs 80,000 (depending on the plan chosen and Cash Repayable to OneAssist within 28 days) to ensure your trip continues and you live worry free.


Emergency Cash assistance

We will arrange for emergency cash based on your needs in case of loss of wallet up to Rs 25,000 (depending on the plan chosen and Cash Repayable to OneAssist within 28 days)


Free PAN Card & Driving License Replacement service

OneAssist will arrange for a free replacement of your PAN Card/Driving License in case you lose the Card along with your wallet.


Complimentary Fraud Protection Cover

In case of loss of your Bank Cards (Credit, Debit, Pre-Paid and Forex Cards), OneAssist provides pre-reporting fraud protection cover of upto 30 days. Once you intimate OneAssist about the loss of your cards, we will not only get them blocked, but also provide a cover upto Rs 500,000/- (depending on the plan chosen) for any fraudulent transactions on your card (prior to reporting loss) in the last 30 days Post Reporting to OneAssist, you can avail complete protection. All kinds of Fraud including online frauds, phishing, skimming, counterfeit cards, ATM Pin frauds and physical swipes are covered.



Your personalized online locker to store all your important documents accessible from anywhere and anytime, provides a storage space of upto 1 GB.


Complimentary M-Wallet Protection

Your M-wallet is covered against computer fraud, phishing and unauthorized use in case your smartphone is lost or stolen. M-Wallet protection gives you complete peace of mind for up to 10 Days prior to reporting the loss or fraud to us.


Complimentary Credit Shield

Coverage of your credit card outstanding (up to the availed plan limit) in the unfortunate event of death or total permanent disability. With minimal documentation, we’ll help you repay the existing outstanding debt of your credit cards.


Emergency Road Side Assistance

In case of vehicle breakdown – help is one call away. Customer has to just call OneAssist & he/ she will be getting the necessary assistance with respect to the broken-down vehicle – Towing Services, battery jump start, on site major/minor repairs, fuel delivery, flat tyre, locked/lost key assistance etc.


Complimentary Purchase Protection

Protects your most important assets (purchased using credit/debit cards registered with OneAssist) for a period of 6 months from invoice date or end of OneAssist membership period against damages due to fire and allied perils and burglary.


Health Benefits

Protection is taken a step further with our comprehensive health benefits. Just call us to book a general physician consultation or 20 parameter diagnostic test. Looking online for medicines – Get INR 500 off by reaching out to us.


Access to OTT Platform

Enjoy 1year unlimited access to India’s leading video streaming platform - ALT Balaji. Just enter the voucher code sent to you on the ALT Balaji website/App and start watching your favourite shows now!


When you lose your wallet, you need to get in touch with multiple banks to block your various credit and debit cards. Imagine if you are traveling and if you don't have the numbers of the Banks or don't have the card numbers available with you to block the cards. In order to ensure that our customers are protected even if they lose their cards, OneAssist provides a simple and fast solution to block all cards - just call OneAssist on 1800 123 3330 (India toll free) and we'll get all your cards blocked. Our numbers are available 24X7 round the year and can be reached from anywhere in the world.

The unique feature of OneAssist services is that it is not restricted to only one bank's card. All your cards (issued by a bank recognized by RBI in India), irrespective of the issuing bank can be blocked through the OneAssist Service.

You can register all your Bank Cards - credit, debit, forex and prepaid cards.

OneAssist will send you a communication confirming the blocking of cards with reference numbers wherever available from the Bank. Your peace of mind is our priority and we will endeavor to block all your lost cards as soon as possible. Some card issuers may also send you a separate confirmation on your registered phone number (registered with the Bank) about the card blocking request.

In order to protect you from any fraudulent transactions on your lost card(s), you must inform OneAssist as soon as you discover the loss of the card(s).

Emergency travel assistance services are applicable only when you are travelling out of your registered address of residence and have reported loss of your cards to us. In such a scenario where you do not have any other means to settle your hotel bills and haven’t booked your return tickets, OneAssist will facilitate to settle your hotel bills and arrange for booking return tickets up to the limit as per your plan. You will have to pay back the amount to the service partner within 28 days, interest-free

If you lose your card and don't have any other means to settle the Hotel Bills while travelling, OneAssist will facilitate for the settlement of the Hotel Bills (subject to the maximum limits specified in your plan). You will have to pay back the amount to the service partner within 28 days of the settlement of the hotel bill on you are back home safe and sound.

If you have lost your wallet and your cards and you don't have your return tickets booked and need assistance in booking return tickets to get back home, OneAssist will arrange for booking of your return tickets to reach home back safely. You will have to pay back the amount to the service partner within 28 days of the settlement of the Ticket on you are back home safe and sound.

The Pre-reporting cover is extended to any fraudulent transactions up to 30 days prior to reporting the loss of the card or the misuse of the card to OneAssist.

The OneAssist Service Guarantee provides complete protection against any fraud after the card has been reported for blocking. It is important to note that Post Reporting Cover is extended only to cards that are reported as lost or misused to OneAssist & requested for blocking.

The following fraudulent transactions are covered under the new insurance cover:

  • Cards swiped at Point of sales after they were lost by the customer.
  • Online transactions where the customer’s cards were fraudulently used by a third party.
  • Physical swipes of PIN based cards for frauds where the PIN has been used by a 3rd party incl. ATMs.
  • Frauds on cards that have been acquired by a 3rd party fraudulently forging the documents or identity of the customer.
  • Frauds on cards by using the card information by fraudulently acquiring the same through fraudulent means - like email, phone calls, copying the card details, letters etc.

The following documents are mandatorily required for filing a claim:

  • Police Report or FIR.
  • Filled up Claim Form.
  • Bank Statement indicating the fraud.
  • Dispute letter/ correspondence with the bank on the fraud.
  • Cancelled cheque copy of the customer’s bank account.
  • Any other document required by the Insurance Company.

The following scenarios are covered:

  • Online fraud, hacking and phishing of M-Wallet account.
  • Misuse of M-Wallet account due to lost or stolen mobile device
  • We cover ONLY the amount loaded in M-Wallet

You are not required to register your M-Wallets

  • Customer to inform OA within 24 hours of fraud/loss discovery
  • OA will intimate customers of the tentative list of documents required
  • Customer to intimate M-Wallet provider to block account within 48 hours and share the confirmation message with OA
  • On receipt of all required documents, OA will liaise with insurance partner to process the claim
  • On approval of claim, insurance company will transfer the claim amount to the customers’ account

The following documents are required

  • A document/intimation/email from M-Wallet service provider that the account has been blocked.
  • A police intimation document/FIR for fraud on M-Wallet
  • The statements of the M-Wallet account, highlighting the disputed transactions
  • In case of loss of device/smartphone – SIM barring form/acknowledgment from service provider. Also police intimation/FIR is required stating that device has been stolen
  • Signed claim form and discharge voucher
  • ID Proof of the customer
  • Cancelled cheque copy of the customer’s bank account
  • Any other document required by the insurer on a case to case basis

After the insurance company establishes that fraud has indeed occurred, within 15 working days the claim will be settled

Any transaction/s happening maximum 10 days prior to reporting the claim are covered under the program.

No, there are no hidden charges with respect to the claims.

In the unfortunate event of vehicle breakdown, customers can avail the following benefits with Road Side Assistance: One Call Assistance for Vehicle Breakdown, Free Towing Services, Battery Jump Start, On Site Major & Minor Repairs, Fuel Delivery, Flat Tyre, Locked and lost key assistance

Four-wheeler and Two-wheeler vehicles are covered

Vehicles driven for commercial purposes like ambulances, taxis, hearses, driving-school vehicles. Commercial Vehicles, racing, rallying, motor sports or any other purpose not in accordance with applicable laws & regulations are also excluded. Vehicles registered by and for short-term rental companies

Customers can avail unlimited number of Road Side Assistance services during the tenure of the membership

With WalletAssist Edge you will get a free 1-year access to a leading OTT player in India, you will be able to stream videos on demand as a premium subscriber on this platform. Details will be shared once you have purchased the WalletAssist edge plan

In case of death or permanent total disability due to accident, insurer shall cover credit card debt or credit outstanding balance of the end customer, not exceeding sum insured agreed in the OneAssist membership program opted by them. This benefit is valid for a single claim only

  • 1 General Physician Consultation
  • 1 Health Check-up (20 parameters) with home visit
  • 1 Pharmacy voucher worth Rs 500/-

This is applicable for self and family (Spouse and Kids)

For booking appointments or if you feel that the report is erroneous, you can send a mail at happytoassist@oneassist.in or call us on 1800 123 3330.

This benefit covers the purchase (using credit/debit cards only) of your electronic items against loss or damages occurring due to fire and allied perils and burglary for a period of 180 days from the invoice date or end of OneAssist membership

If you lose your PAN card or driving license along with your wallet, OneAssist will help you in replacing those without any charges. OneAssist will send you the forms and the list of documents required for PAN and driving license replacement. All you have to do is send the filled-up forms to us and we will help in getting the lost PAN card or driving license replaced.

With Docusafe – an online locker up to 1 GB where you can store all your important documents, accessible anywhere in the world.