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How to Transfer Money from Demat Account to Bank Account?

5 Mins 06 Jun 2023 0 COMMENT

Every day, thousands of Indians trade stocks on the stock market. The National Stocks Depository Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL) offer demat accounts for investors to handle and store their stocks, shares, bonds, mutual funds, and other assets in order to make this process logical and hassle-free.

The gap between the revenue from the sale of an investor's assets and the revenue generated by their ownership has been significantly closed by dematerialization or Demat accounts. Today, you can instantly cash out the returns of a security sale or add funds to buy additional equities.

What are Demat Accounts and How Do They Work?

A Demat account keeps electronic copies of all certificates for securities that an investor owns, just like a bank account does for money that is kept in an intangible form. Demat accounts make sure that you trade promptly and without hiccups by digitizing these assets.  Investors initially open trading accounts and Demat accounts, which are used in tandem for the selling and purchase of securities stored in the former. They can use a demat account app for this.

The proceeds from the sale of security appear in your trading account, which is connected to your bank account. If you decide to purchase, the stock exchange will search for vendors whose Demat accounts will be used to debit the desired shares and credit your account.

The transfer can take a while to appear in your trading account because exchanges might take up to two days to finalize transactions.

How to transfer money from a Demat account to a Bank account?

1. Log into the 'Funds' area of your trading account, which is connected to your Demat account. As an alternative, some user interfaces may employ "Accounts."

2. Make a decision regarding whether you want to add funds for the purchase of new equities or remove the proceeds from the sale of current securities under "Funds."

3. Enter the amount you want to transfer under "Withdraw."

4. After entering your bank account information, you must enter your trade password to start the transfer. Your bank account will be credited with the funds.

Things to keep in mind while transferring funds

1. You cannot transfer money directly from your Demat account to your bank account. The trading account, which serves as the conduit between your Demat account and the bank, can be used for any transfers to your bank account.

2. Keep in mind that only the returns from the sale of securities may be cashed in.

3. Keep in mind that the quantity of money you are permitted to transfer is different from your fund limit. Brokers provide trading leverage by lending you money based on the value of your current holdings. Although it will be shown on your account, this amount is not the one you can send.

4. Brokers allow all common payment methods, including mobile and laptop-based internet transfers. Additionally, the method for carrying out such transfers is essentially the same among brokerages.


It is simple, quick, and convenient to transfer money from your Demat account to a bank account or vice versa. To add or withdraw money from demat account, simply log into your Demat account, choose the option, and provide the appropriate amount and trade password. The transfer is started, and your bank account will either be credited or debited.