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One Click to make investments tick!

3 Mins 05 Aug 2022 0 COMMENT

The age of information has spoilt us for choice. Ironically, it has also served to confuse us with the variety of choices available to pick from. Take for instance, the surplus of food options you can now readily order at the click of a button. The choice of restaurant, the selection of dishes, and then the all-important question of nutrition over taste can overwhelm you unless a curator can break it down in easy terms. The same holds true for a far more important aspect of life - financial investments.

Anyone looking to park hard earned money into mutual funds can be dazzled by wide variety of scheme options. Hence the need to simplify is paramount. This simplification is achieved through a reliable research process that weighs the pros and cons of all such options narrowing it down to a handful of schemes, all in one go. This helps in customising investing options to suit varied financial goals.

The newly launched One Click Investment tool from ICICIdirect.com does exactly that. It is a structured solution that aids simplification of scheme choices bundled with the ease of investing. All this and much more…with just One click.

A ‘click’ is all it takes
One Click Investment allows investors to choose from the available baskets of Mutual Fund schemes, which have been carefully curated and research backed that help you power your investments. These portfolios have been designed keeping you in mind.

In addition to offering customised baskets to suit your needs, the feature also allows individual goals to be mapped against each basket. Labelling each basket helps you in segregating investments toward specific goals making it a more organised way of working towards individual goals.

As the popular adage goes, ‘What gets tracked, gets delivered.’The baskets under One Click are regularly monitored by research and notify investors in case of a recommendation change at a scheme/s level (from BUY to ‘SELL’). The choice to act as per the recommendation change is entirely the customer’s prerogative. All these at zero transaction fee.

Investing through One Click.

The ICICI direct (www.icicidirect.com) platform allows investors to define their goals (e.g. retirement, child’s education, overseas holidays etc.) with all details for each basket of investment and allows them to track each performance separately. It also allows investors to view the future value of SIPs before making investment decisions, so that investors can shuffle investment amount accordingly.

Setting up a One Click investment is as simple as it sounds. An easy to use interface guides you to choose the basket you want to invest in from ‘Trade and Invest’ page of ICICI Direct. Tracking of One Click Investment SIPs is equally easy with all your investments laid out neatly in the ‘SIP Book’, while monitoring your One Click investment portfolio is accessible through the simple to navigate Holdings page, which shows your portfolio for each goal separately. Redemption from the One Click portfolio is just as easy, and can be done in easy steps.

What is The One Click edge?


One Click Investment allows investors to PACE their investments. Simply put, it takes the time and effort needed in making financial investments into a portfolio for any investor. It works on these four parameters-

Performance – Schemes in One Click portfolio have consistently given more returns than benchmarks. You are assured of consistent performance with One Click.

Analysis - Schemes are identified by domain experts after extensive analysis done on just quantitative parameters, but a host of qualitative parameters, exclusive to ICICIdirect.com.

Customisation - Any change in recommendation of the scheme(s) from Buy to Sell by research team is communicated instantly to the investor.  

Ease - All it takes is a single click to invest in top rated Mutual Funds schemes, curated by the best in the business.

Benefits of One Click
One Click essentially makes investing a pleasure through ease of use and taking away the worries associated with online investing.

Users can view the historical return of the basket against benchmark in an easy to understand Chart before investing into it. Separate charts are displayed against different basket and Lump Sum / SIP wise. Investors also have the option to invest 'One Time' (Lump Sum) or 'Monthly' (SIP) in any listed basket.

Under Mutual Fund Portfolio, investor can see a new tab "One Click Portfolio" that will help track investments separately. To top it all, Mutual Fund Transaction charges are not applicable for investments done through One Click Investment.

What are the options?
One Click offers six different baskets of schemes, tailored to suit specific investor needs. A diversified portfolio like Maximiser offers true diversification for those who seek to growth their investments over a 5 to 10-year time period, Builder is a portfolio that leans towards equity, while offering the cushion of debt, making it an ideal blend for those who seek the upside of equity investments with relatively lower volatility in returns.

The Stable portfolio's higher allocation towards Debt schemes with a limited participation in equity makes it ideal for those who seek FD plus returns, with marginally higher risk, and 50-Fifty offers a perfect blend of stability as well as growth by investing 50 per cent each in Equity and Debt, ideal for investors seeking growth potential of equity along with stability of debt. The Secure portfolio on the other hand, invests in quality corporate bonds and shorter term debt instruments thereby making earnings more visible and assured, making it ideal for those who prefer to invest without having to worry about stability in returns.

Whichever your investment mind-set, there is always an option tailor made just for you, at ICICIdirect.com's One Click Investment.