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Why it makes sense to take expert guidance on your investment decisions

ICICI Securities 31 May 2021

Let me begin this article by giving you all a real-life example of a fitness coach to help you understand the importance and role of a financial expert.

We all understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being fit. Despite a will to stay fit, we often fall out of our regime owing to several reasons like shortage of time, lack of discipline, or simply because we have insufficient knowledge about the means to achieve fitness. That is where the role of a fitness coach comes in. He ensures that you stay motivated and work tirelessly towards your goal. He regulates your diet, keeps an eye on your workout regime and regularly monitors your progress.

Just like a fitness coach, a financial expert or a financial advisor or an investment advisor (by whatever name you call them) helps you. He determines your investment goals, creates a balanced plan to meet those goals, keeps a check on your investment portfolio. He also ensures regular monitoring of your progress to ensure that it is aligned with your end goals.

Importance of expert guidance

Expert advice can make a significant difference between success and failure in your investment journey. An investment advisor can guide you on how, where and when to invest.

You may seek their advice on various investment related decisions such as identifying the right financial instrument to invest in, determining how much to invest, deciding on the correct allocation of assets, maintaining a balanced portfolio, and so much more.

Need of expert guidance in your investment decisions

Why do I need expert guidance when I can ask my friends and colleagues about their investment plans or read about investment planning on the web, where I will find plenty of information?

If you are thinking in the same direction, you need to know that investment planning does not follow a 'one size fits all’ approach. Everyone has a different financial goal, and hence the means to achieve these goals are also unique for every individual. An expert can identify the best plan for your needs and help you maximise your risk return trade off.

An expert specialises in providing investment advice. He has deep knowledge of different financial products and understands the nitty-gritty of various investment instruments. He ensures that you invest in the right opportunities for wealth creation while minimising risk to the lowest level.

Another benefit of taking expert guidance is that you save a lot of time and energy as you don't have to manage and monitor your portfolio regularly. Once you hire them, they take the responsibility off your shoulders so that you can concentrate on your other important tasks. You can also choose to connect digitally with your advisor to get expert advice. It will also save you time and helps you to manage the investments from the comfort of your space.

Things to consider when consulting an expert for investment advice

While you decide to take expert guidance for your investment decisions, there are few things that you must keep in mind.

  • Ensure that you consult an expert who has authentic credentials.
  • If you seek stock advisory from an expert, ensure that he is certified and registered with SEBI.
  • Check their past performance to establish trust.
  • Reading reviews of current and past users can give you a fair idea of their service.

Taking expert guidance is a personal choice. However, it helps you counter the roadblocks on your investment journey and lead towards the path of wealth creation.

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