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How to register for cdsl

10 Mins 24 Mar 2023 0 COMMENT

How did you sell shares in the past? Initially, you would sign debit instruction slip (DIS) and give it to the broker, who then coordinated with the DP. With online trading, a simpler method was to give power of attorney (POA) to the broker to automatically debit from the DP account. However, the first approach was rigid and the second method opened the customer to risk. Now there is a third option.

Just as you can access the CDSL demat account statement, you can also now give debit instructions to your DP through the EASIEST facility. The only thing you need to do here is to opt for CDSL new registration and then go for CDSL register online option. The EASIEST is a way of authorizing transactions on the demat account electronically with due authentication. The CDSL EASIEST registration process is quite simple. Let us look at what EASIEST is all about and How to register for CDSL?


EASIEST is actually an abbreviation for (Electronic Access To Securities Information and Execution of Secured Transaction), but the name is quite suggestive. This has been one more case of the innovative use of technology. In the T+1 settlement cycle, investors require updated demat account information. The need for timely and rapid access to demat account status information has grown manifold.

EASIEST is a multi-purpose platform for accessing demat account information and also to facilitate the CDSL demat account holder to access Internet-enabled services. This allows the investor to manage securities at anytime from anywhere. The entire process flow is digital and EASIEST also permits the BO/CM to enter debit/credit instructions on the Internet.

EASIEST is CDSL’s internet based platform which allows clearing members (CM) of beneficiary owners (BO) to submit off-market and on-market debit instructions online.


Broadly, there are 2 types of account transfers available on easiest, which can be enumerated as under.

  • Trusted account Transfers facilitate the transfer of securities from a beneficiary owner (BO) account to any 4 CDSL demat accounts of the BOs choice. These 4 demat accounts must be pre-notified by the BO.
  • Account of choice Transfer facilitates the transfer of securities from a BO account to any other demat account including the CM settlement accounts. Incidentally, all on-market, off-market and inter-depository transactions need to be authorized with digital signature; which can be obtained from any RA of Tata Consultancy Services.


EASIEST, not only provides all the benefits of EASI, but also gives a beneficial owner (BO) and the clearing member (CM) the convenience of executing debit or credit instructions from their demat account. This can be executed over the internet at anytime and anywhere. It is time and geography agnostic. This also saves the hassles of maintaining debit instruction slip (DIS) booklets safely and ensure that instructions are appropriately given and executed. Any BO / CM submitting instructions through the EASIEST facility need not give any instruction slip to their DP. If you are registered for EASI, just seamlessly upgrade to EASIEST.

The EASIEST facility is not only robust but also flexible. For instance, the EASIEST upload facility can be used by the BO / CM to submit multiple transactions through EASIEST? In fact, the EASIEST upload facility enables the CM (clearing member) / BO (beneficial owner) to submit multiple transactions in a single file. To avail the right of multiple upload, the BO / CM has to seek specific permission and it is a one-time approval for the same.


Here are the steps to follow for registering on CDSL.

a)  Visit the CDSL website at www.cdslindia.com and click on the link “Register Online” from the homepage

b)  Select the facility (EASI / EASIEST) you wish to register for

c)  Enter details like Login–ID, Email-ID etc

d)  Print the registration form

e)  Submit the registration form to your DP duly signed by all the account holders in physical form. In case of joint account, all holders must sign in the same order.

f)  The next step, is you receive the password on your email-Id

g)  You are all set. Commence using EASI / EASIEST by entering your User ID and Password  on the CDSL home page.



Remember that EASIEST is a more advanced version of EASI. Electronic access to securities information(EASI) allows Demat Account Holder (also called registered Beneficial Owners (BOs)) to access their CDSL Demat account directly from the website. Here only information access is provided, not transaction capability. That is provided by EASIEST.

Electronic access to securities information and execution of secured transactions (EASIEST), permits Demat Account holders to submit freeze, unfreeze, off-market, on-market, inter-depository and early pay-in debit instructions from their demat accounts at CDSL. EASIEST also has the basic features of EASI and also allows corporate action check online.

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