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Expert Tips to Get your Business Loan Approved

3 Mins 02 Jan 2022 0 COMMENT


If you own a business, you need enough funds to meet all your expenditure. The extra capital you receive from these loans will help you grow your business and stay in line and ahead of your competition. 

What is a Business Loan?

A business loan can only be used only for business expenses. If you own a business and purchase a business loan, the amount you borrow will go to a business bank account. Most business loans are secured loans. They should be supported by collateral. In a secured loan, you are required to provide collateral to the lender when you borrow money from them. If you refuse to or cannot pay off the loan, the lender can seize the collateral and sell it. When you take a business loan, you need to provide the bank with details of your plans and expectations of your business, your business credit score, and your business credit history. A business loan can last anywhere between 1 to twenty years

Tips to Get your Business Loan Approved

If you have a small business or a new company, getting approval for your business loan might be difficult. The lender might not have the confidence in you that might be shown to a company that lesser credit risk. There are a few ways where you can make sure that your loan application gets approved. Let’s see a few:

  • The first aspect every lender would check before granting a loan is your ability to repay the loan. If you borrow a loan, the only way to prove to the lender that you can repay that loan is to provide the lender with enough information that will increase the lender’s confidence in you. So, you should always make sure that you provide enough financial information so that the lender can immediately judge your repayment capabilities and approve your loan.
  • Once you apply for a business loan, you need to ensure that you have the proper collateral to back it.  The lender will need to be assured that if you aren’t able to pay the loan, the collateral can be used to repay the outstanding amount. To get immediate approval of the loan, you need to provide details of the assets that you are willing to pledge.
  • You need to be honest about your credit history and credit score to your lender. Your financial history plays a significant role in getting your loan approved. There is no way that you can hide away any history of defaults on your previous loan. It is always better to be honest, and communicate. That will increase the trust between you and the lender.
  • You need to know the exact amount of money you need to borrow for your business. It is only when you have a detailed idea about how much it takes to get your business going and the long-term needs of your business, should you opt to apply for a business loan. You might be able to fund these expenses on your own without opting for a loan. Or you might be able to pay little of it from your own capital and ask only a portion of it from your lender. Lenders might refuse to approve a loan amount that they feel might not be needed for the business.
  • Apart from the collateral that you have to provide, you need to have your other documentation ready. Lack of proper documentation could lead to a rejection of your loan application. A borrower would generally want to see your income statements, your bank records, identity proof, audit reports and tax returns. Once you keep all this in hand, ready for the lender to analyse, it will be difficult for the lender to reject your application.
  • You need to keep an eye on your cash flows. Firms that have a history of receiving profits and have revenue have a higher chance of getting the loan approved. If you have a company that does not show any revenue or profits, the chances are high that your loan application might get rejected.

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While different lenders have different parameters to accept or reject a loan application, these are few steps to make sure that your application has a good chance of being approved.


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