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How to choose intelligent investing with ICICI Direct's 50 Fifty

2 Mins 05 Aug 2022 0 COMMENT

Investing in India has never been more worthwhile. With its positive demographics and dynamic economy, the country is presently primed to be the largest emerging market in the world. For any prudent investor, now is the time to opt for a wise mix of mutual funds keeping risks in mind.

Over the past few decades, investment habits in India have been evolving. Although financial decisions about investing are still erratic, more and more Indians are opting for regular savings and investment habits to grow their wealth. ICICIdirect.com is a perfect platform for such enthusiastic investors. Committed to making investment journeys easy, simple and successful, it offers tailor-made portfolios to help investors realise their goals.

 ICICI direct offers carefully curated, research-backed Mutual Fund portfolios, under the One Click Investment option, to help power investments. For any investor, these portfolios are cherry-picked to best suit to their life stage goals and make the most out of investments. Of the popular portfolios is One Click 50 Fifty.

What is 50 Fifty?

ICICI Direct’s 50 Fifty is a portfolio that offers a perfect blend of stability as well as growth by investing 50 per cent each in equity and debt. This blend is touted as ideal for investors seeking growth potential of equity along with the stability of debt.

For long-term goals, it is important to make the best use of both equity as well as debt funds. In such a scenario, ICICI Direct’s One Click 50 Fifty with its judicious mix of investments is an ideal option for any investor.

How does it work? 

With a minimum lump sum investment of Rs 25,000 or an SIP of Rs 10,000, you are good to start. The portfolio assigns 25 per cent to large cap, 25 per cent to multi cap and 50 per cent is invested in debt with strategic allocation to corporate bonds.

Why go for One Click?

With One Click, you can rest assured that the health of your portfolio is being monitored every step of the way, continuously. Before you invest, you can view the historical return of the basket against benchmark in an easy to understand chart. You also have the option to invest 'One Time' (Lump Sum) or 'Monthly' (SIP) in any listed basket.

Under Mutual Fund Portfolio, you can see a new tab "One Click Portfolio" that will help track investments separately. To top it all, Mutual Fund Transaction charges are not applicable for investments done through One Click Investment. You can also assign a goal against your investment (e.g. children’s education, holiday, car purchase…) and monitor them.

 Is there more at One Click? 

ICICI’s One Click has more baskets to choose from, depending upon your investment appetite. It offers six different baskets of schemes, tailored to suit specific investor needs. Apart from Builder, there are –


Maximiser - A diversified portfolio that gives exposure across Large, Multi, Mid and Small cap schemes and helps capture the best of market cycles and sectors, making it ideal for those who seek to grow their investments over a 5 to 10-year time period.

Stable – A portfolio with higher allocation towards Debt schemes with a limited participation in equity, ideal for those who seek FD plus returns, with marginally higher risk.

Builder - A portfolio that leans towards equity, while offering the cushion of debt, making it an ideal blend for those who seek the upside of equity investments with relatively lower volatility in returns.

Secure – A portfolio that invests in quality corporate bonds and shorter term debt instruments thereby making earnings more visible and assured, ideal for those who prefer to invest without having to worry about stability in returns.

Tax Saving - A portfolio that invests in tax saving equity schemes, it not only saves on your tax outgo, but also grows your investments, helping you save taxes u/s 80C.

For investors looking to reap rich dividends in equity markets while maintaining a safe net, 50 Fifty is a great first step in the journey towards wealth creation.


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