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This is a strategy designed for Investors who would like to do Averaging when the market moves by specified points in the desired direction. If you have a view on the market and you want to reduce or increase your share price to overcome the volatility, then this strategy is for you.

When To Use?

Averaging can work in both rising and falling markets. If you purchase stocks in rising markets, averaging helps to accumulate more profits. Similarly, in falling markets, it helps in reducing the average purchase price.


What are the inputs required?

averaging averaging

1. Action

This is the action you want to take (Buy/ Sell)

2. Product Type

In Cash: Select from Intraday/ Delivery

In F&O: Select from Intraday/ Normal

3. Start Time

This is the time when the algorithm will start executing

4. Direction

This is the desired direction in which you want the market to move

5. Averaging Start Price

At Market: the first order is executed on market level immediately

At Average Start: the first order goes only when the average start price is reached

6. Stock Name

This is the stock you want to buy or sell in Equity or F&O Segment

7. Total Quantity

This is the total quantity you want to buy/ sell

8. Averaging Quantity

This is the quantity that will be placed once the averaging conditions are met

9. End Time

This is the time when the algorithm will stop, even if the total quantity is not met

10. Average Entry Difference

This is the min drop/ rise in price wrt Averaging reference price to trigger orders

How does it work?

There are two ways in which the Algorithm will work based on Averaging Start Price selected


As soon as the Start Time is reached, the first order is placed on the basis of Averaging Start Price selected

If At Market is selected, then the first order equal to the Averaging Quantity is placed immediately

If At Average Start is selected, then Algo checks if the current market price is equal to the Averaging Start Price or in the same Direction as selected by the user. As soon as this condition is met, first order equal to the Averaging Quantity is placed


The Algorithm keeps checking the parameters mentioned by user. As soon as the below two conditions are met

the Last Traded Price difference wrt last executed price is equal to or greater than the Average Entry Difference

the Last Traded Price is in the same Direction as mentioned by the user

an order is placed equal to the Averaging Quantity


As soon as the Total Quantity is met or End Time is reached, the Algorithm stops

When not to use?

The stocks where the fundamentals of the company have worsened or potential of the company is in question, averaging down can bring excessive risk exposure too.

Also, averaging up in a market not backed by fundamentals can lead to huge losses, if there is a correction just after the averaging up. Thus, the script selection is an important step.


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