Treasury Bills

Features of the bond :

Issuer Government of India
Cut Off Price / Yield In case of Uniform Price Auction, bids at minimum discounted price determined at the auction, irrespective of bid prices tendered.
In case of Multiple Price Auction, bids up to minimum discounted price determined at the auction, at bid prices tendered at the auction.
Bids at offer prices lower than the cut off price will be rejected in case of both uniform and multiple price auctions.
Cost of Security Cut Off Price + Commission/Brokerage (0.06 per Rs 100)
Risks Attached Interest Rate Risk
Minimum Investment (Face Value) Rs 10,000/-

Eligibility for Investment:

The Bonds may be held by –

(i) An individual, not being a Non-Resident Indian

  1. in his or her individual capacity, or
  2. in individual capacity on joint basis, or
  3. in individual capacity on any one or survivor basis, or

(ii) A Hindu Undivided Family

Mode of application

  • Online: Individuals & HUF