Government of India Securities

Features of the bond :

Issuer Government of India
Cut Off Price / Yield In case of a re-issuance, Weighted Average Price of allotment to competitive bidders.
In case of primary issuance, Weighted Average Yield of allotment to competitive bidders.
Cost of Security Cut Off Price + Accrued Interest + Commission/Brokerage (0.06 per Rs 100)
Interest Payment Half Yearly, Interest to the holders will be paid from date of allotment/issue up to next interest payment date and thereafter half yearly till the maturity date.
Risks Attached Interest Rate Risk
Minimum Investment (Face Value) Rs 10,000/-

Eligibility for Investment:

The Bonds may be held by –

(i) An individual, not being a Non-Resident Indian

  1. in his or her individual capacity, or
  2. in individual capacity on joint basis, or
  3. in individual capacity on any one or survivor basis, or

(ii) A Hindu Undivided Family

Mode of application

  • Online: Individuals & HUF


Interest on the Bond will be taxable under Income-Tax Act, 1961.