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Brokerage in Future, Future Plus and Future Plus Stop Loss

For Equity Futures Equity Future and Future Plus
Brokerage (%) Flat Brokerage on other leg of Intraday square off
0.050 50/-

Goods and Services Tax (GST), Securities Transaction Tax (STT), SEBI turnover charges, Transaction Charges(inclusive of GST) and Stamp duty will be charged in addition to brokerage as follows. These charges mentioned are applicable on all the brokerage plans with ICICIdirect.

  • GST will be charged at 18% on total value of brokerage
  • Securities Transaction Tax (STT) at 0.01% on turnover(Sell trades only)
  • SEBI turnover charges at 0.00005% on turnover (5 per crore)
  • Transaction Charges will be charged @0.0020% on turnover. Applicable GST would be charged over & above Transaction charges
  • Applicable State wise Stamp Duty would be levied on turnover
  • In case of Intra Day Transaction, Brokerage would be charged on higher leg turnover and flat brokerage will be charged on lower leg turnover