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What is a Trading account?

If you want to trade in equities, exchange-traded mutual funds, bonds or other securities, you need to have a trading account. It is your first step in the wonderland of investments.

A trading account is needed to buy or sell shares, bonds or other securities. Before online trading accounts, the stock exchange had an open outcry system where traders would bid for shares on the stock market floor or a trading ring. Today, you can simply open a demat and trading account and place your orders without having to be physically present at a stock market. 

Intraday Trading Brokerage Charges (Unlimited per order)


Intraday Trading Brokerage Charges (Unlimited per order)

Sell stocks and get money within 30 mins

30 mins

Sell stocks and get money within 30 mins

Margin Funding interest rate to buy stocks

8.9% P.A.

Margin Funding interest rate to buy stocks

  • 0

    Futures trading Charges

  • 20

    Options & Intraday trading (Unlimited per order)

  • 20

    Commodity & Currency Derivative (Unlimited per order)


Trading Account Fees & Charges

Here is a list of trading account charges you need to be familiar with:

1. Account opening charges:
Discount brokers, traditional or full-service brokers, typically have higher overhead costs. Therefore, they may levy a charge for opening a trading account online. However, if you open an account with ICICIdirect, there are no charges to open a trading account.

2. Annual maintenance charges:
Many brokerages charge an annual maintenance fee to keep your account active and ensure consistent service delivery. Some brokerages build this into the account opening charge.

3. Transaction fees:
For every trade that you make, brokerages will levy a fee. These transaction charges depend upon the trade's value and the transaction's volume.

4. Custodian fees:
You will also have to pay custodian fees on your trading account for the brokerage to keep your assets safe.

5. Dematerialization fees:
If you hold any securities in the physical form and want to convert them to the digital format, you will need to pay a nominal dematerialization fee.

Trading Account Benefits

One-stop access to all exchanges

One-stop access to all exchanges

Opening a trading account allows you to access all stock exchanges across the country via a single platform. Some of these exchanges on which you can trade your stocks and securities include the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), the National Stock Exchange (NSE), Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), and the National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX).

Trading flexibility:

Flexibility to trade

You can access your online trading accounts from anywhere. The flexible browser and application-based trading platforms allow you to access your trading account through your choice of electronic devices.

Smooth transactions

Smooth transactions

The entire process, right from the purchase of shares and other securities, their deposit in your demat trading account, and the sale can be completed without any hassle.

Reliable research reports

Reliable research reports

Being an informed trader is the key to successful trading in the stock market. With a trading account, you get access to comprehensive research reports from experts in the field. Such reports can help you make informed trading decisions.

Personalized service

Personalized service

You can get personalized customer support services with a trading account. Clients trading across various platforms are regularly updated through SMS alerts or emails. That means you can be on top of your scheduled purchases and sales, if any, or your 'sell' targets.

Any-Time Access:

Multiple media channels

In case you want to access the market during off-hours, a trading account allows you to do that via multiple channels online, thereby enabling a seamless trading experience.

ICICI Online Trading Account Features


A trading account gives you access to all your financial securities on a single platform.

Investors can access the best performers in various categories thanks to expert recommendations

You can place orders for trades not just online but also over the phone or via CALL N TRADE Facility.

On successfully opening an online trading account

With a trading account, you get regular market updates and news alerts about the latest securities, IPOs and your investments.

Margin investing allows investors to increase their exposure to a variety of stocks

There is transparency in your online trading account where you can get all details regarding transaction fees, brokerage charges, taxes, etc., on the platform.

A high-speed trading platform will enable you to trade stocks in real-time

You can place orders using special facilities during after-market hours

Orders can be placed using special facilities during after-market hours

You can get expert recommendation on trading.

Documents required for opening a trading account online

You will require certain documents to open a trading account. While different brokerages might have different requirements, these are what you need to open a trading account with ICICI Direct: 

  1. PAN Card

    The applicant must submit an image of the PAN Card issued by the Government of India. The photo and signature on the PAN should be visible.

  2. Signature

    Click a picture of your signature on white paper and upload the file. The signature must be the same as on PAN Card.

  3. Bank proof

    Submit an image of the cancelled cheque, bank passbook, or bank statement for a corresponding bank account.

  4. Financial document

    The applicant must provide proof of income with a bank account statement for the past six months, net-worth certificate, salary slips, form 16, Demat account holding, or a copy of Income Tax Return submitted to the Income Tax Department

PAN Card (mandatory)


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A trading account is a link between your bank account and Demat account. It is used to sell and buy equity shares in the stock market. When you wish to buy shares, you need to place an order through your trading account.

A trading account is required to buy and sell securities in the financial markets. Additionally, it allows you to set your trading limits and execute trades. Special features of the online trading account include placing orders even after market hours.

To open a trading account, you will need a copy of your-
Address proof (Aadhar card, ration card, utility bills or passport), identity proof (PAN Card, Aadhar card, passport or voter ID card), income proof (ITR, bank account statement, salary slip with copy of Form 16, or net worth certificate) and proof of corresponding bank account (canceled check).

Anyone, including minors, can open trading accounts in India. A minor's account will be under the watch of a guardian. Once the minor attains 18 years of age, the report can be transferred to their name.

a) The first step in closing a trading account is to inform the brokerage firm or Depository Participant with which you opened it.

b) You'll be asked to fill out an Account Closure form, which you should double-check for accuracy. This form is easily accessible on their website or at any of the DP locations.

c) You must submit the Account Closure form to your nearest DP branch after filling it out.
d) Because your trading and demat accounts deal with securities, double-check that you've cleared the board before closing your trading account.

Investors can trade securities such as equities, futures, and options through a trading account. Currency derivatives, in addition to equities, can be traded through a trading account.

No, you cannot open a trading account in the name of a minor. However, it can be opened in the name of either of the parents or the legal guardian.

You can enjoy low brokerage charges with a wide range of delivery plans. You get a real time calculation on both your short-term and long-term capital gains in just a single click.

You can open an online trading account if you are over the age of 18. PAN, bank account, identity, and address proofs are all required documents.

After the verification process, the trading account is usually activated in 3-4 days.

You can link only one bank account with your e-invest accounts at ICICI Direct.

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