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Capitalize on intraday price movements with Margin Broker Mode by paying initial margins of as low as 1.5%.

You can encash on daily opportunities without paying the entire amount with our Margin Broker Mode product where you can trade intraday. With an initial margin amount of 1000 you can take position upto 66,000.

Also you can short sell i.e. if in case a stock is showing a declining trend, you can sell the stock first and as the price declines, you can square off your position. 


1.Get more exposure by paying Initial margin of as low as 1.5% 

2. Option to convert to delivery: I.e.You have option to take delivery of stocks by full amount before end of settlement cycle. 

3. Carry forward your position by converting into Margin Flexi mode. 

4. Experience cashless trading: Block your existing shares to pay initial margin if you are short of cash. 

5. Add margin to continue holding your position: If your Initial Margin falls below Minimum Margin for a

    particular stock. 

How to place Margin Broker Mode orders


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MarginPLUS Avail 3-fold benefits in MarginPLUS

MarginPlus offered by ICICIdirect is a unique product where you can take a leap in your positions with higher leverage. It also provides inbuilt safety with compulsory Stop Loss and Profit orders for minimizing risk. Further with Bullet, no brokerage is charged for trades squared off in 5 minutes.


1. High Leverage: With low margins in Margin Plus, by paying Rs.1000 you can take intraday position worth more than Rs.2, 00,000 on selected stocks.

2. Mandatory Stop Loss Order: Lowers risk as it squares off your position and limits your losses. You can trail your Stop Loss price as the stock moves in your favour.

3. Profit Order: You can place profit order, which will get executed once the profit price has reached.

Bullet Brokerage Plan: It enables you to capture small price fluctuation in stocks across sectors and pay zero brokerage for Margin Plus trades squared off in 5 minutes in bullet enabled stocks.

Charges without bullet: Brokerage +GST +Other charges

Charges with Bullet: Other charges only (like STT, average stamp duty, SEBI charges, exchange charges etc.)

Bullet is active for clients who have opted for: Prepaid, freecard, employee and client who have opted for Bullet trial.

Bullet trial is validity is for 1 year.

Bullet breakeven calculation  

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To activate bullet trial:

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Video on Margin Plus:

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How to place Margin Plus order


Margin Trading Funding (MTF)

If the trade is not moving in your favor, the Margin Broker Mode allows you to carry forward your position for up to 365 days in which time you can pay the balance amount and take delivery or square off your position. You can do this by converting your trade to client mode ( Margin Trading Funding).

Key Features

  • Buy stocks today by paying a small margin starting from 27% in BSE and 11% in NSE
  • Pay the remaining balance within 6 months in BSE and 5 days in NSE
  • You may also choose to sell your shares during this period
  • Create positions with the limits created by pledging your existing shares using our Shares as Margin facility
  • You can enhance your buying by getting a leverage of up to 4 times in BSE and 9 times in NSE
  • A nominal interest charge of around 0.05% per day is charged on your outstanding amount

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Seamless Margin Funding with ICICIdirect

Employee Stock Options Funding (ESOPs Funding)

You can now exercise your Employee stock options by availing a short term loan at a very cost effective rates from ICICI Securities Ltd. This is possible through ESOP Funding which offers you the flexibility to acquire capital to purchase your vested stock options granted by your organization. You will have upto 13 months to pay back the Loan amount.

Key Features
  • ICICI Securities will fund up-to 70%* of the market value depends upon stock to stock
  • No monthly EMI obligation
  • Principal and the interest amount can be paid at your discretion
  • Interest will be charged at simple interest rates
  • Flexible repayment facility where you can settle the loan anytime without any pre-payment charges
  • No lengthy documentation since you are an ICICIdirect customer
  • Demat Account opening within 30 min* and faster loan processing
  • ESOP funding is only provided to Resident Individual customers
  • It can only be availed by customers having 3-in-1 account as well as prospective clients of ICICIdirect
  • Available only to those employees holding an Entitlement Letter/Grant letter from their employer


To know more and avail funding, please write to us at esopfunding@icicisecurities.com or SMS "Idirect ESOP" at 5676766

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ESOP Funding

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