Investment Offerings

Cash Buy/Sell

Pay entire amount in Cash and take delivery of stocks in your demat

Cash Buy/Sell refers to buying or selling of stocks with an intention to take delivery in your demat account. You need to pay the entire amount while placing a cash buy order.

Advantages of Cash investments

  • Liquidity:
    The markets are the closest thing to cash you will find in the investment world whereby you can hold or sell securities easily. This is an attractive feature of investing in stocks, compared to other less liquid investments such as property and other immoveable assets.
  • Returns:

    Equities have delivered better returns as compared to other asset classes like FDs, bonds and other short-term investments

Systematic Equity Plan

Systematic Equity Plan or Equity SIP is an efficient way to participate in the equity markets and to periodically invest your surplus money in a disciplined manner.

With SEP, you can place orders for a pre-specified amount or for a pre-specified quantity in scrips of your choice at regular intervals over a period of time. SEP provides you the flexibility to choose different time intervals for placing orders ranging from daily to monthly.

Benefits of Investing in SEPs

  • Savings through periodic investments.
  • Rupee cost averaging  
  • Easy liquidity i.e. corpus can be withdrawn anytime basis ones need
  • Better returns compared to other asset class
  • No manual tracking 

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