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Scheme Type


Exit Load (%)

Min Inv


Incremental Inv


Open Date

Jul 08, 2024

Close Date

Jul 12, 2024

Nav Calculation



Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Risk Level

Very High

Fund Manager

Viral Chhadva


Fund Objective

The investment objective of the scheme is to provide returns that, closely correspond to the total returns of the securities as represented by the underlying index, subject to tracking error. However there is no guarantee or assurance that the investment objective of the scheme will be achieved.


The Scheme will track NIFTY50 Equal Weight Index and will use a "passive" or indexing approach to endeavour to achieve scheme`s investment objective. Unlike other funds, the scheme will not try to "beat" the market it track and do not seek temporary defensive positions when market decline or appear overvalued. The AMC does not make any judgments about the investment merit of a particular stock or a particular industry segment nor will it attempt to apply any economic, financial or market analysis. Indexing eliminates active management risks with regard to over/ underperformance vis-�-vis a benchmark. Since the scheme is an exchange traded fund, the scheme will only invest in the securities constituting the underlying index. However, Due to corporate action in companies comprising of the index, the scheme may be allocated/allotted securities which are not part of the index. The scheme may hold upto 5% of their total assets in stocks not included in the corresponding Underlying Index. For example, the AMC may invest in stocks not included in the relevant Underlying Index in order to reflect various corporate actions (such as mergers) and other changes in the relevant Underlying Index (such as reconstitutions, additions, deletions and these holdings will be in anticipation and in the direction of impending changes in the underlying index). These investments which fall outside the underlying index shall be rebalanced within a period of 7 calendar days.