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Scheme Type


Exit Load (%)

Min Inv


Incremental Inv


Open Date

Apr 19, 2021

Close Date

May 03, 2021

Nav Calculation



Equity - Diversified

Risk Level

Very High

Fund Manager

Mahesh Patil


Fund Objective

The objective of the scheme is to achieve long term growth of capital, at commensurate levels of risk through a diversified research based investment in Large, Mid & Small cap companies. The Scheme does not guarantee/indicate any returns. There can be no assurance that the schemes` objectives will be achieved.


Being in the Multi Cap category, the scheme has flexibility in terms of allocation across market cap. To ensure diversification of investment across market caps, the scheme will invest a minimum of 25% each in Large, Mid and Small Cap stocks, with the balance 25% flexibility to the fund manager. The Scheme would adopt top-down and bottom-up approach of investing and will aim at being diversified across various industries and / or sectors and/ or market capitalization. The investment emphasis of the scheme would be on identifying companies with sound corporate managements and prospects of good future growth. Essentially, the focus would be on stocks driven by long-term fundamentals. However, short term opportunities would also be seized, provided underlying values supports these opportunities. A portion of the scheme will also be invested in IPOs, emerging sectors, concept stocks and other primary market offerings that meet our investment criteria.