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Principal MF Announces Dividend under its schemes

Published on Dec 14, 2021 12:28

Principal Mutual Fund has announced 17 December 2021 as the record date for declaration of dividend under the following schemes. The quantum of dividend (Rs per unit) on the face value of Rs 10 per unit will be:

Principal Balanced Advantage Fund:

Regular Plan (Monthly): 0.0567

Direct Plan (Monthly): 0.0658

Principal Hybrid Equity Fund:

Regular Plan (Monthly): 0.1600

Direct Plan (Monthly): 0.2311

Principal Multi Cap Growth Fund:

Regular Plan (Half Yearly): 1.9296

Direct Plan (Half Yearly): 2.4990

Principal Focused Multi Cap Fund:

Regular Plan (Half Yearly): 1.3615

Direct Plan (Half Yearly): 1.4263

Principal Dividend Yield Fund:

Regular Plan (Half Yearly): 1.1624

Principal Emerging Bluechip Fund:

Regular Plan (Half Yearly): 2.2960

Direct Plan (Half Yearly): 5.0481

Principal Equity Savings Fund:

Regular Plan (Quarterly): 0.2556

Direct Plan (Quarterly): 0.3496

Regular Plan (Half Yearly): 0.5260

Direct Plan (Half Yearly): 0.5314

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