Dear Customer,
Over the last few weeks interest rates offered by Bank fixed deposits have fallen, however few fixed income instruments continue to offer higher interest rates.
We suggest you to consider investing in GOI 8% Savings (Taxable) Bonds, 2003 issued by Reserve Bank of India in 2003. In a reducing interest rate scenario it makes utmost sense to lock in your investments at higher rates.
Features of the GOI 8% Savings (Taxable) Bonds:
Investment Rate of Interest Maturity Value
Min: 1000, Max: Unlimited in Multiples of 1000/- 8.00% per annum (Taxable) 1601/- for every 1000/-*
Date of Issue Interest Payment Tenure
Date of realization of the funds Cumulative and Non-Cumulative* 6 years - Lock In
Risk Attached Collateral Exit Option
Low Risk Available** Not Tradable & Not Transferable
Why should you invest in GOI 8 % Savings (Taxable) Bonds?
These Bonds being issued by Reserve Bank of India provide you safety plus returns that are fixed and assured in nature. Not only this, the bonds reduce the re-investment risk up to six years in these times of falling interest rate.
What’s more, we have made these Bonds available Online for your convenience.
Once you apply, you will receive a Certification of Holding with the Bond Ledger Account number.
You can view your Bonds in the Holdings section of the FD/Bonds page.
* Cumulative Interest at the rate of 8% per annum compounded with half yearly rests and will be paid on maturity along with principal.(The maturity value of the bonds shall be1601.00/- for every 1000/-) (Subject to TDS as applicable).
Interest on Non-cumulative (Half yearly) bonds will be paid from date of issue up to July 31 / January 31 as the case may be and thereafter half yearly for period ending July 31 / January 31 on August 01 and February 01.
** Eligible as collateral for loans from Banks, financial Institutions and NBFC as per notification of RBI.No.2008-09/247.
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