Performance Scorecard of One Click Equity Portfolios
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iDirect One Click Portfolios have been strategically designed to allocate your funds in the rights stocks and right proportion. These portfolios have been curated after extensive analysis on both qualitative as well as quantitative parameters. You can invest lump sum or invest in a staggered manner at a click through SIP mode.
We are delighted to share that our One Click Portfolios have delivered a stellar performance. Since the inception of iDirect One Click Portfolios in March, 2020, we have launched around 30 portfolios and have booked profits in 9 portfolios so far.
Performance Scorecard of iDirect One Click Portfolios
Portfolio Name Returns (%) Time Period
Global to Local 23.7% 1.5 months
Health is Wealth 16.1% 5.5 months
Techno Funda 3.0 12.5% 28 days
Techno Funda 4.0 12% 20 days
Techno Funda 6.0 11% 11 days
Techno Funda 2.0 9% 18 days
Quant Breakouts 9% 10 days
Index Inclusion Candidates 9% 10 days
Techno Funda 1.0 7% 8 days
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