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What is Loan Against Shares

Loan against shares is a hassle-free and completely paperless offering to customers having shares as per approved list in the demat form. Customers can pledge their shares and avail a loan from ₹25 K- 5Cr for digital in a OD account (Over draft account)

So in simple terms Loan Against shares or LAS is a loan availed against your shares. Instead of selling your shares, you can simply pledge them as collateral and avail instant funds for your unplanned expenses or for any of your personal needs.

A loan against shares is a line of credit you avail by pledging your shares and securities as collateral. You can get a significant loan amount at attractive interest rates. Generally, most banks require you to hold your shares in dematerialised format. You can also get a loan against your Mutual Fund units.

Key features of Insta Loan against Securities (Shares)

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Overdraft facility - Interest only of the utilized amount and only on utilized period

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Higher Loan to Value – 50% against your pledge

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Attractive ROI

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Complete Online Journey

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Continue to reap the benefits of Dividends, Bonus, Rights issues

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Zero pre-payment and pre-closure charges

Reasons to apply for a loan against shares

  • Keep your investment intact – Redeeming your investment in shares due to financial necessity, may not be a smart move. You are likely to miss out on potential capital gains and disturb your long-term financial plans. Applying for a loan against shares promises dual benefits. You get to keep your investment intact and meet your short-term financial requirements. Furthermore, your stocks continue to earn you dividends and their value appreciates.

  • Formal source of financing – In time of need you do not have to look out for various means of financing. Apply for a loan against shares and get avail the amount you require hassle-free. The loan amount offered varies for every bank and also depends on the stocks you hold. Reach out to your bank for more specific details.

  • Attractive interest rates – Since a loan against shares is a secured type of loan, it is offered at attractive interest rates. This ensures you are not burdened with high-interest liability for loan repayment. You can repay the taken loan amount in Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) over a tenure.

Eligibility Criteria

  • KYC compliant
  • Individual Demat account
  • Minimum age for applicants: 18 years

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Description Of Charges Charges
Attractive ROI Attractive ROI
Processing fees: There is no processing fee if the loan is seeked through Digital journey.
Renewal charges: Varies with lender
Prepayment Charges Nil

GST applicable as per the prevailing rates will be charged in addition to the charges.


Loan against Shares is a financial instrument that gives you access to funds against your. We offer loan up to 50% of value of security for Equity.

The purpose of Loan Against Shares is to take care of all your investment, business as well as personal needs, and to help you meet your contingencies.

Yes, this is a unique feature of Loan Against Shares. You enjoy all the benefits of being an investor like dividend or bonus, while your /mutual fund units are pledged for loan purpose.

The loan amount ranges from ₹25 K- 5Cr for digital & for offline Rs.75K to 40 crores. On specific approved scripts

Yes, an e-statement can be sent to your email account.

Yes. All your shares must be in Demat version.

Yes, you can avail a loan against your by simply converting them into the dematerialized form through a depository account.

The portfolio will be revalued daily. However, in case of a sharp fall in market prices, an interim revaluation may happen any time.

There is no processing fee for online and for Offline depends on RM
Renewal Fee will be Lender specific

No. You don’t need a personal guarantor.

You don’t need to give any other collateral or security apart from the against which the loan is guaranteed.

Yes, you can prepay your loan when you want.

Yes, you may pledge more Shares to increase the drawing power of your account. It will take 1 business day for the drawing power to change. You can change the Depository Participant ("DP") and the Sanction Limit subject to approvals as required.

You can make the payment through ECS/Cheque/Pay Order/Demand Draft.


Please note, loan against securities related service is not Exchange traded product and I-Sec is just acting as distributor to solicit these products. All disputes with respect to the distribution activity, would not have access to Exchange investor redressal forum or Arbitration mechanism.