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Get the Best Loans on Rent Receivables for your Commercial Property.

If you have freehold commercial property which you have rented out, you can secure a loan of upto 50% of property value or 85% net monthly rent receivable would be considered for monthly EMI.

About Lease Rental discounting

Investing in a commercial property can prove to be advantageous in innumerable ways. You can always offer it on lease and earn a decent rental income every month. Moreover, you can monetize these rental receipts to avail a significant line of credit. Lease rental discounting is a term Loan you avail by pledging rental receipts as collateral.

As you are providing collateral for receiving loan, it becomes a secured line of credit. You can easily repay the loan amount in Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) as per your affordability. This makes the financing option simple and flexible.

There is no end-use restriction. Whether you plan to upscale your production or require financing to set up a new retail store or wish to pay off existing debt, you can do it all by applying for Lease Rental Discounting.

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Features & Benefits of Loan on Rental Income

New car loan

Longer loan repayment tenure

New car loan

Secure loan at attractive interest rates

New car loan

Speedy disbursal of loan amount

New car loan

Doorstep service is available

New car loan

Minimal and easy documentation


Loan amount depends on net rentals, balance tenure of rental agreement, among other factors

Eligibility Criteria for Loan Against Rent Receivables

Following are the various types of properties you can pledge as collateral and secure the required loan amount:

  • Agreement between three parties

    Note, that Lease Rental Discounting is a loan offering against the expected rental cash flow and not the property. Hence, it’s an agreement between three parties – you, the tenant, and the bank. On signing the agreement, the tenant agrees to make rental payments directly to the bank for loan repayment.

  • Tenant’s financial standing

    Since the rental payments are entirely dependent on the tenant’s financial standing, the bank considers it for loan approval. If the tenant has a solid financial standing, they will be able to make rental payments without defaults. This facilitates hassle-free loan approval and a significant offering. If the tenant has poor financial standing, there is a high possibility they will struggle to make timely rental payments. This could hinder your loan approval.

  • Lease term

    Lease term is the time period for which the property lease is in force. The minimum and maximum lease terms are different for every property type and state. Banks consider the lease term for loan approval, as it indicates the continuing rental cash flow. Based on the lease term banks offer a suitable loan amount for an appropriate repayment tenure. Generally, most banks look for a longer lease term for loan approval as it translates to a stable repayment capacity for a longer period.

Documents Required



  • Leave & License agreement copy
  • 12 months bank statement to which rentals are credited
Personal loan documents


  • Application form with photograph
  • Identity and Residence proof
  • Last 6 months bank statements
  • Processing fee cheque

Loan Against Rent Recievables FAQs

Loan Against Rent Receivables (LARR) empowers you to use your rentals cash flows at your advantage. Fulfil your professional or personal loan requirement against your rent receivables.

Refer to Eligibility Calculator

Get upto 50% of the value of your commercial property as loan against rent receivables. Amount depends on net rentals, balance tenure of rental agreement & other factors. Property Type – Get loan against commercial property (Shop or office) leased to reputable establishments. Get doorstep service Enjoy minimal & simple documentation & speedy disbursal through leading lenders in the market.

Get upto 50% of the value of your commercial property as loan against rent receivables. Amount depends on net rentals, balance tenure of rental agreement & other factors.