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In Bullet Brokerage Plan pay ‘zero brokerage’ on your Margin Plus trades squared off within 5 minutes. Bullet Brokerage Plan comes complimentary with ICICIdirect Prime and Prepaid Brokerage Plans.  

Margin in case of MarginPLUS product will be higher of two margins stated below :

1. Maximum possible loss that you may incur considering the difference between the Fresh & Cover order prices plus an additional margin calculated as per MarginPLUS % specified, if any.

2. Margin computed as per the Margin% specified for the stock under this product.

 You may visit the stock list page under Equity to view the prescribed margins for MarginPLUS product which is specified for each stock. 

I-Sec is providing eATM facility on ‘as and when’ basis and has the full discretion to modify, delay or stop the payout of funds.

You can place an order from the ‘eATM’ page under equity ‘Place Order’. They can also be placed from ‘Cash Sell’ page, where you need to select ‘eATM’ as a product. The rest of the details that need to be filled would be the same as a normal sale transaction. In order to receive instant payout of funds, the order has to be an eATM order and the order once placed as a Cash Sell order cannot be changed to an eATM order.

eATM is a facility offered by ICICIdirect wherein the customer would receive instant payout of funds for his/her cash sell transaction. The customer will receive the amount in his/her linked bank account within 30 minutes. of executing the sell order. The customer would not have to wait until T+2 days to receive the funds thus increasing the liquidity for them. Please note, intervals for payout of funds will be at the discretion of I-Sec.

In Margin Plus, there are two orders in a single order where the Fresh Order is placed for creating the open position at Market or Limit Price. The Cover Order is the opposite order to the Fresh Order placed. To limit losses, the Cover Order will compulsorily have to be a cover SLTP (Stop Loss Trigger Price) order, wherein if the stock price reaches the SLTP, then the order will be squared off at the price between cover SLTP and the Cover Order Limit Price. Here, the Cover Order Limit Price is auto defined by the system for any given stock based on the minimum difference% given on Stock List page under equity section.

Only those stocks, which meet the criteria on liquidity and volume, have been enabled for trading under the Margin Plus product.

Brokerage will be charged as per the brokerage plan you have opted for.


 The brokerage for Margin and Margin Plus under I-Secure Plan would be 0.050%.

 Prime Plan:

Prime Plan ()

Total amount with GST ()

Scheme Validity (in days)



Special MTF Interest Rates/LPC (% per day)



















Prepaid Plan:

Prepaid Plan (₹)

Total amount with GST (₹)




























For more details, please visit the Pricing page on www.icicidirect.com

Initial Margin is Margin amount required to take position in Margin Broker mode. Now let's understand with an example: If you want to buy 1,000 shares of ABC Limit which is trading at 100. The Initial Margin (IM) required is 1.5% and Minimum Margin (MM) is 0.5%.

In the above example, you just require ₹1,500 Initial Margin. 

Minimum Margin (500) is the Margin amount that you have to maintain with I-Sec at all points of time for your open Margin broker position.  

Trigger Price is the difference between IM and MM. Now in above example if stock price goes down by 1% i.e. to ₹99 (Trigger Price) then your position would be squared off unless you add required additional Margin.

If the stock has not reached the Desired Price, the existing position can be changed to Margin Client mode from Margin Open Position page, wherein you get 365 days to pay the balance amount and take delivery or square off your position

You can pledge your existing shares with Shares as Margin (SAM) facility to pay Initial Margins and create position in Margin Broker mode.

You can convert your Margin Broker mode Buy position to delivery by going to Margin Open Position page and click on CTD tab. You are required to bring in remaining amount to convert your position to delivery.

If you have taken Sell position in Margin Broker mode, you can convert it to delivery (Only if you have same quantity of shares in your demat). Here shares from you demat will be sold and your position will be closed.

Please note: Delivery brokerage is charged on shares converted to delivery from Margin Broker mode.

My EOS is a facility provided to quickly close your open Margin Plus positions i.e. if you opt for My EOS, the system will modify your Cover SLTP Order to Market Order. 

After execution of Margin Plus Order, you can place Profit Order to book profit at a pre-determined price. For this, go to Margin Plus Open Position Page and place Profit Orde

No. NRIs are not permitted to opt for eATM orders.

Yes, you may not be able to place an eATM order if in case:
  1. Your Total Current Equity Limit is negative. You can allocate sufficient funds to Equities so that your Total Current Equity Limit becomes positive.
  2. The daily eATM limit is breached. Please note, you will be able to place eATM orders on the next trading day with fresh limits.
  3. Any other reasons at the discretion of I-Sec.

The maximum limit of eATM trades that you can enter on a daily basis is restricted to Rs 50,000 per customer. ICICIdirect can however change this limit at its discretion. This limit is inclusive of eATM trades placed on both NSE and BSE. Please note, if this limit is breached, then you will not be able to transact in any eATM product on that day. This limit can be increased with any of the Prime or Prepaid plans.

If there are other non-eATM trades in the same settlement, the payment or receipt of funds for those trades will be credited/debited separately on the normal payout or payin day respectively.

For instance:

Case 1:

eATM Sell: Rs 3,000
Cash Sell: Rs 2,000
Suppose the eATM withheld amount is Rs 30 then Rs 2,970 (3000-30 = 2970) will be credited in the your account during the day on transaction date itself as payout is given at frequent intervals and the balance of Rs 2,000 will be credited on the normal payout day.

Case 2

eATM Sell: Rs 3,000
Cash Buy: Rs 4,000
Suppose the eATM withheld amount is Rs 30 then Rs 2970 (3000-30 = 2970) will be credited in the your account during the day on transaction date itself as payout is given at frequent intervals and Rs 4,000 will be debited on the T day.

You can see it in Trade Book under Details. It can also be seen on Order Verification page at the time of eATM order placement. 

A certain amount of Trade Value is retained against your eATM sell transactions and kept as eATM withheld amount. This amount is retained towards recovery of brokerage and other statutory levies. The amount retained will be released in Limits after adjustment of recoveries. Once the brokerage process is carried out for that trade date, you can utilize this amount. The payout of this amount will be credited in your account, once the same is processed as per existing normal equity payout process of T+2 days.

For instance, if you place an eATM Sell order of Trade Value Rs 1,000 at 10:00 AM and the eATM withheld amount percentage is 1%, the eATM withheld amount will be Rs 10 (1% * 1000 = 10). This means you would receive a payout of Rs990 (1000-10 = 990) within a certain duration say 10:30 AM. If the amount of Brokerage and Taxes for this transaction is Rs 5, then remaining Rs 5 will be released in Limits after adjustment of recoveries. Once the brokerage is processed for that trade date, your payout for the same will be given as per the existing normal equity payout process.

CICIdirect.com offers the facility of eATM on both NSE and BSE. To view the list of scrips available for eATM please visit ICICIdirect.com:

Login > Equity> Stock list > Select the respective exchange

In order to view the list of ETFs enabled for eATM please visit ICICIdirect.com:

Login > Equity > ETF list

ICICIdirect can add/delete scrips to/from these lists for which eATM would be permitted.

The Brokerage rate applicable for eATM trades would be same as normal cash sell product which will be as per customer's mapped Brokerage scheme. I-Sec reserves the right to change the eATM brokerage for all clients or at client specific level depending on the brokerage plans available from time to time and as chosen by the customer. Please note that GST, STT, Transaction charges and Stamp Duty will be payable at applicable rates in addition to the brokerage.

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What is Bullet Brokerage Plan in Margin Plus?

In Bullet Brokerage Plan pay ‘zero brokerage’ on your Margin Plus trades squared off within 5 minutes. Bullet Brokerage Plan comes complimentary with ICICIdirect Prime and Prepaid Brokerage Plans.  

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