Bullet Brokerage Plan

Pay zero brokerage for your derivative trades closed in 5 minutes. With Bullet brokerage plan, you can enter and exit quickly and benefit from small market movement. Ride the profitable positions, if your trade is going with market trend or you can filter-out your low conviction trades by exiting quickly (in 5 mins) without paying brokerage.

  • Zero brokerage on trades squared off within 5 mins
  • Applicable on FnO intraday stoploss products
  • Only available for online trades
  • Statutory charges will be levied on all trades
  • Trades which are squared off after 5 minutes will be levied brokerage as per prevailing brokerage Plan
  • This plan is for Resident Indian Customers
  • Available with any Pre-paid plan
    1. Bullet is activated from same day of Pre-paid debit date
    2. Bullet is withdrawn once customers has completely utilized the Pre-paid brokerage balance
  • Customers can opt for 15 days trial from Website for Bullet
    1. Trial is available only once
    2. Post this trial customers can only avail Bullet by opting Life time Pre-paid

Pre-Paid Plans

Lifetime Prepaid Brokerage Plan enables you with the facility of paying an upfront brokerage instead of paying brokerage whenever you execute a deal. It provides you with the facility to get your charges adjusted from your Prepaid Brokerage balance and also avail a special discounted brokerage.

Benefits of Lifetime Prepaid Brokerage Plan

  • Prepaid Plans are valid for 15 years
  • Saving and discount in brokerage of 18 - 84% depending upon the plan you choose
  • Brokerage rates as low as 0.12% in cash and 0.012% in margin and futures
  • Flexibility to use the brokerage at any point of time
  • Get unutilised brokerage refunded after 15 years
  • Option from Multiple Prepaid Card Values
  • No separate demat sell charges of 0.04% or ₹ 25 on every trade
  • Priority Circle services for Prepaid cards of 50,000 and above
  • Free account opening
  • Check daily Prepaid balance online
  • Option to top up desired plan online on nearning the threshold value or completion of Prepaid card whichever is earlier
  • The service tax is lower with reduced brokerage, thus reducing overall cost