One Click Investment portfolios for Mutual Funds are carefully crafted and research backed, that help you power your investments. These portfolios have been designed keeping you in mind. So go ahead, cherry pick the ones that best suit your life stage goals and make the most out of your investments.

Features of One Click Investment

Research backed Investment portfolios

System notification on recommendation (Sell) change

Carefully crafted from 100% Equity to 100% Debt baskets

Daily update on progress under Mutual Fund Portfolio

Basket level Goal Mapping

No Transaction Fee

Mutual Fund Baskets


A portfolio that offers true diversification. It’s exposure across Large, Multi, Mid and Small cap schemes, helps capture the best of market cycles and sectors. Ideal for those who seek to growth their investments over a 5 to 10 years time period given that investments in equities over a longer time period take care of volatility along with offering superior returns than most other asset classes.


A portfolio that leans towards equity (60%- 80%), while offering the cushion of debt (20%- 40%). This blend is ideal for those who seek the upside of equity investments with relatively lower volatility in returns.


A portfolio that offers a perfect blend of stability as well as growth by investing 50% each in Equity and Debt. This blend is ideal for investors seeking growth potential of equity along with stability of debt.


A portfolio that comes with ‘built - in’ stability. It’s higher allocation towards Debt schemes with a limited participation in equity makes it ideal for those who seek FD plus returns, with marginally higher risk.


A portfolio that offers a safety net. The underlying schemes invest in quality corporate bonds and shorter term debt instruments thereby making earnings more visible and assured. Ideal for those who prefer to invest without having to worry about stability in returns.

Tax Saving

A portfolio that allows you to retain what is rightfully yours. By investing in tax saving equity schemes it not only saves on your tax outgo, but also grows your investments. Ideal for those who seek to save taxes u/s 80C (tax savings of up to Rs. 46,800/-annually).

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