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Looking for an attractive alternative investment option? Welcome to Peer to Peer [P2P] Lending

P2P lending gives you direct, low-cost access to credit worthy borrowers. You get a wide variety of investment opportunities to finance local SMEs and receive high returns.

As a P2P investor, you get

ICICI direct

Attractive, predictable returns

ICICI direct

Shield from stock market volatility

ICICI direct

Zero tolerance policy on fraud

ICICI direct

Strict and rigorous vetting procedure

ICICI direct

Good quality borrowers

What is P2P Lending?

As a method of debt financing, Peer to Peer [P2P] investment, or P2P lending is a novel investment concept. This investing-initiative connects you directly to borrowers through the P2P online platform to enable you to lend to creditworthy SMEs and receive returns through interest.

There are three parties involved in P2P lending:

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The Investor or the Lender — Lends capital over the loan term

The Borrower — Commits to repaying the capital plus interest according to the loan agreement

The P2P Platform — Facilitates transactions and performs credit assessment of the borrower by matching the right asset to the lender/investor efficiently and rapidly

How P2P Investing Works?

Think lending without banking. Peer to peer is about giving loans directly to pre-verified individuals and SMEs through ICICI Securities. Your investment in creditworthy companies helps them achieve their goals while earning you steady returns. In collaboration with India's first P2P lending platform — Faircent, ICICI Securities presents you with a novel investment opportunity of earning healthy returns from interest and principal payments.

We manage the entire process for you

  • verification Icon Offer comprehensive verification
  • assessment Icon Stringent credit assessment
  • loans Icon Matching and allocating loans
  • >Collecting repayments Icon Collecting repayments

Features of P2P Lending

  • Spectrum of investment opport unities
  • Mix of lending options beyond traditional investments
  • Low barrier to entry
  • Seamles investor experience
  • Explore and choose investmen options
  • Review pre-verified SMEs

Why You Should Invest in Peer-To-Peer Lending?

The Facts Before You Invest

Most traditional investments offer lower returns at high service costs and fees. With the unique opportunity of investing in pre-verified companies, P2P lending allows you to earn steady income on your investment.

The P2P model eliminates middlemen or intermediaries and connects you directly with the asset — the borrower. While the borrower receives the funds to boost his business, you stand the opportunity of making higher returns than on conventional investments. When you invest in P2P loans, you get the chance of empowering real businesses to reach their goals. With a win-win opportunity, your P2P investment can make every rupee count.

Why invest through P2P Lending?

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Earn Like a Bank

By removing margins made by intermediaries, borrowers are able to access cheaper credit and you can earn high returns in the form of interest. This allows you to earn like a bank by directly lending to pre-vetted borrowers.

21.95% & 16.23% returns

Diversify your Portfolio

P2P lending is a promising diversification avenue for your portfolio as it is not directly linked to the market and is hence protected by stock market volatility.

Strike Rate

Secondary Monthly Income

When you lend money to borrowers, you start getting the principal and interest from the next month onwards in the form of EMIs.

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Pre-Verified Borrowers

Borrowers are pre-verified through an automated credit evaluation process across 120+ parameters to ensure that only the most genuine and creditworthy borrower is listed on the platform.

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Wide Range of Risk Profiles

Choose from a wide range of risk profiles promising returns ranging from 12%-28%.

One Click Portfolios

Additional Compounding Benefits

Borrowers are pre-verified through an automated credit evaluation process across 120+ parameters to ensure that only the most genuine and creditworthy borrower is listed on the platform.

Benefits of Being a P2P Investor

Winning Researchers

Offers you stable, predictable and risk-adjusted returns

21.95% & 16.23% returns

Provides you with an efficient asset class

Strike Rate

Gives you alternative investment options not correlated to stock market volatility

One Click Portfolios

Enables you to invest in high performing, creditworthy investment assets despite economic downturns

One Click Portfolios

Offers you the opportunity to diversify your portfolio

One Click Portfolios

Provides you with the choice of taking interest payments as an income or reinvestment

One Click Portfolios

Protects your investment interests

Leverage Your Peer-To-Peer Investment Portfolio Today

Generate income by investing in companies with excellent reviews, strong past performance, robust financial reports and promising business plans for the future.



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Lending on Faircent.com is subject to defaults. Please read the borrower profiles carefully before investing. Fairassets Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. (Faircent.com) has a valid Certificate of Registration dated May 16, 2018 issued by the Reserve Bank of India under Section 45 IA of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1954. However, the RBI does not accept any responsibility or guarantee about the present position as to the financial soundness of the company or for the correctness of any of the statements or representations made or opinions expressed by the company and for repayment of deposits / discharge of liabilities by the company. The ratings given for each Borrower, Product or Partner is based on an internal mechanism developed by Faircent taking into account various factors such as quality of borrowers, their credit history, the tenure of loans, diversity of portfolio and the partners vintage, reach, control over funds, credit history, strength of management and assistance or collection support provided, which Faircent believes in good faith may assist lenders in their selection of Borrower, Product or Partner. Faircent is not a rating agency and the factors considered to rate a Borrower are not industry approved factors nor approved, or in accordance with any regulatory authority. You may therefore choose to rely on these ratings at your sole discretion and Faircent will not be liable or responsible for your reliance on these ratings. The data provided above is purely for information purposes and being dynamic is true as of the date of publishing but can change immediately thereafter and Faircent is not accountable for its authenticity or veracity

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