What is General Insurance?
All insurance excluding life insurance comes under general insurance. General Insurance is, broadly, insurance, which does not include any investment element, and covers risk of other natural, individual, political and economic risks. The general insurance products for individuals include health, home, travel, student, motor, accident and other business insurance.
What are the benefits of buying general insurance policies?

Buying general insurance policies are a provision in case of any uncertain loss that might come up during the normal course of activities. Hence an insurance cover rids you of the tension and the financial burden that you would suffer in case of a calamity.

What is premium? How often do I have to pay Premium?
Premium is the amount that the insurance companies charge to issue a cover for you, your family or the assets / liabilities that are covered under the policy. The insurance premium is a one-time premium, which is paid before the issuance of a policy. This premium is payable again in case of renewal of the policy.

What is policy period?

Policy period is the duration of the Policy, from the inception till the expiry of the policy. The policy will cover the uncertain losses occurring between the issue date and the expiry date of the policy.


What is Insurance online?

 Insurance online is a concept of selling insurance through the Internet. This concept has provided a much-needed help to customer to transact on his own in a matter of minutes. With Insurance online, a customer can buy insurance products at the click of a mouse without writing cheques or filling forms.

Do I need to register separately for this facility?

You will be registered automatically for the online general insurance facility on (a) accepting the terms and conditions for the facility online (b) confirming your personal details to ICICI Lombard on the website On the registration page most of the details will be pre-filled. You can just confirm the same or can edit them if required. This will be a one-time registration and having done that, you can buy the insurance policies online hassle-free.


Do I need to allocate funds for buying insurance online?

No, you need not allocate funds for investing in Insurance. The premium payable on account of purchase of the policy will be debited from the Net Withdrawable Balance in your bank account linked to the ICICIDirect e-invest account.

What if I do not have sufficient balance in my bank account at the time of purchase of the policy?

If you do not have sufficient balance in the Net Withdrawable Balance in your bank account at the time of purchase of the policy, the transaction will not go through immediately. However, the details of the transaction will be recorded. You will have to make the funds available in your bank account within seven days for the transaction to be successful. On your failure to make funds available within seven days, the transaction will fail.

Can I modify / cancel my transaction?

While placing an order for Insurance policy, you can modify or cancel your order till you finally confirma the order. Once you click on 'Pay Now' you cannot modify or cancel online the order placed by you. In case you need to modify or cancel a policy after this, you need to write to us at with your policy details for knowing the cancellation applicable charges and getting further directions. Therefore, confirm the policy details carefully before clicking on 'Pay Now'.

Can I transact at any time of the day?

Yes, you can transact at any time of the day. After my first purchase, can I immediately enter into another transaction? Yes, you can transact, as many times as you wish to. There is no restriction on the number of transactions.

Will I receive a confirmation for the transaction?

Yes, an e-mail would be sent to you stating all the transaction details, once the premium is recovered from your bank account.


Who are the users of this facility?

All ICICI Direct users can use the insurance facility.

I am an NRI, can I buy insurance products online for my friends and relatives. Can I also buy insurance for my property in India?

Yes, even NRI's can buy insurance online provided you have a valid postal address in India and the property or person that are insured will be insured in India only. However, the facility will be available only with your Non-Pins accounts (both NRE and NRO). Non-resident Indians are not permitted this facility in their PINS accounts.

How do I purchase Insurance from on ICICI Direct?
Click on "General Insurance" link. Go to "Calculate Premium and Buy" Select the product from the drop down menu. Calculate the premium and fill in the required details. Click on "Proceed for Confirmation" button. Verify the details that you have provided and click on "Pay Now". Your bank account linked to ICICI Direct will be debited for the premium amount. The details of the policy generated will be sent to you by email. You can print the same and keep it for your reference.
When will I be able to view my purchase details?
You will be able to see your purchase details as soon as the purchase transaction is successful under the Current Policies sections. However in case of health, since the policies are individually underwritten, the actual policy will be reflected in Current Policies 48 hours from transaction date.
How do I claim the Sum insured?
The claim procedure is different for different policies. Therefore kindly read the text under the link 'Know More' of the particular product to know about the specific claim procedure. You can see that link after specifying the product on the page, which opens on clicking on 'Calculate Premium & Buy' or 'Product Details'. For any other further assistance on claim procedure please write to us at
If I want to change my address what do I need to do?
In case of change in address or any other details in your policy, please write to and we will assist you for further processing.
If I do not have an account with ICICI Direct, how do I go about buying insurance online?
You can request our representative to visit you (Select Cities Only) by registering online through our website. You could also visit any of the following ICICI Bank Branches / Centres,where our trained personnel help you in becoming ICICIdirect e-Invest customer. Alternatively you can request us for a form by sending us an e-mail at and our CSE will contact you to complete the initial account opening formalities.