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Pay brokerage in advance and reduce your brokerage cost by over 50% p.a.

Are you paying a lot in brokerage? What if you could reduce your brokerage payout and put more money in your pockets? Presenting the newly revised Lifetime Prepaid brokerage plan with a significantly enhanced and much more powerful proposition. With the Lifetime Prepaid brokerage plans you can save on your transaction cost by reducing your brokerage by more than 50%. With Prepaid plan also get payout within 5 mins of selling your shares.

Over 95,000

Customer are benefiting from Lifetime Prepaid brokerage plan

Exclusive Benefits

Pay less buy more

More than 50% reduction in brokerage

Cashless trading

Buy stock and pay later at just 7.9% p.a.

Convert to delivery

Payout within 5 mins on selling of shares

Margin Trading

Validity of 15 years

Margin Trading

Brokerage on your future trades will be adjusted against the plan amoun

Margin Trading

You also get an option to take refund of the un-utilized amount after a year

Reduce your brokerage by opting for any of the below plans

Prepaid Plan (₹) 2,500 5,000 12,500 25,000 50,000 75,000 1,00,000
Cash % 0.25 0.22 0.18 0.15 0.12 0.09 0.07
Margin Pay Rs.20 per order flat with ICICIdirect Neo. Click here
Futures Pay ZERO brokerage with ICICIdirect Neo. Click here
Options (Per lot)(₹) Pay Rs.20 per order flat with ICICIdirect Neo. Click here
Currency Futures & Options Rs.20 per order
Commodity Futures Rs.20 per order
Special MTF Interest rates/ LPC (yearly) 12.90% 12.90% 11.40% 8.90% 8.90% 8.90% 7.90%


Pricing Plans on ICICIdirect


  • Instant payout of up to Rs. 1 cr on selling shares
  • NCD/ Bonds and Penny stock brokerage charged at prepaid brokerage rates
Login – click on Settings – My brokerage Plan – Prepaid brokerage. Snapshot attached for your reference


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faq 3
If the Prepaid selection is done before 3.30PM on any trading day, the prepaid plan will get activated on same day on successful debit of funds. If the Prepaid selection is done post 3.30 PM it will get enabled for customers on the next trading day.
No. There is no need to allocate money for Prepaid. The fund needs to be available in the free balance in the customer’s linked bank account. The money will be debited from the customers linked account.
The plan amount + GST of 18% should be available. E.g. for a 5000 Prepaid plan. Rs. 5,000, the plan amount + 18% GST Rs.900 (i.e. Rs. 5900) should be available in customer’s account. If the required amount is not available in the customer’s account, the debit will fail and Prepaid will not be activated. The customer will have to select Prepaid again
Customer will also get a credit of the GST paid on the card value. Any GST paid on transactions will be adjusted against the credit of GST paid on the card value.
The Prepaid plan has a validity of 15 years with an option to opt for refund of unutilized amount after 1 year.
Yes, there is a free look period of 5 days from the day of activation of Prepaid. The client will have an option to opt out of Prepaid.
Yes, Minimum brokerage in Delivery segment will be Rs.25 or 0.75% of turnover, whichever is lower; in SEP segment, it will be Rs.10 or 0.75% of turnover, whichever is lower and in Margin segment, it will be Rs.15 or 2.5% of turnover, whichever is lower.
DP charges are levied when a customer sells the shares from demat account. It is charge to be paid to the Depositories and Depository participants. In ICICIdirect lifetime Prepaid Plan on selling a share from demat account, there will be a DP charges of Rs. 20 on every debit instruction. This is inclusive of the NSDL or CDSL charges. This will be debited from the linked bank account whenever there is a sell transaction. E.g If customer has Reliance Industries share in his demat and he sells the same. A flat Rs 20 would be levied irrespective of the trade value. In case the customer is selling Reliance Industries shares multiple times during the day, there will only be a single debit instruction and only Rs. 20 will be charged. On other hand if the customer sells 2 different stocks of different companies on same day, then there will be 2 debit instructions and Rs 20*2 = Rs 40 will be levied.
In case if you opt to continue with the full tenure of Prepaid, after 15 years any un-utilized brokerage balance will be refunded back to you and your account will be mapped to I Secure Brokerage plan
You can take a top up for your prepaid plan once your existing Prepaid card balance reaches 10% or below of the card value.

Yes, the customer can login to the www.icicidirect.com and visit Customer Service page and go to Usage summary.

Or Click here to check Prepaid Usage Summary