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One Click Equity - A Game Changer for ICICIdirect

One Click Equity -  A Game Changer for ICICIdirect

One Click Equity is a unique offering of ICICIdirect which allows customers to invest in theme based portfolios with a single click. These portfolios are curated by our in-house Research team after extensive technical and fundamental analyses.
One Click Equity was launched in June, 2020 and we have been able to garner 100K portfolio subscriptions in less than a year of its launch. Unlike the usual buying and selling method where customers select one stock at a time, we wanted to create a simple and seamless mechanism which allowed customers to buy more than one stock at a time in a lump-sum or SIP fashion. This is how One Click Equity was born. Keeping in mind the varied levels of expertise of our customers with respect to stock selection and equity investments, we further divided One Click Equity into 2 categories – Recommended One Click & Custom One Click. Recommended One Click is ideal for those customers who want a little handholding with respect to equity investments. With recommended portfolios, customers can invest in portfolios strategically curated by our Research team. The rationale for stock selection as well its key ratios are made available to customers. They can even compare their portfolios’ performance against benchmarks. However, we also have another section of customers who would want to create their own portfolios by adding their favourite stocks. We wanted to tap this customer segment which gave rise to Custom One Click. With Custom Portfolios, customers can create their own portfolios by adding up to 50 stocks. Lump sum and SIP mode of investments are available in both categories.
We have witnessed consistent growth in number of unique customers adopting one Click as well as the number of portfolio subscriptions by clients since its inception. One of the factors that has contributed to the success of One Click Equity is the stellar performance of the portfolios. More than 85 theme based portfolios were introduced in the last 1 year with the strike rate of 100% and average returns of 16% in a span of 2.5 months. One Click Equity became a significant contributor in the wealth creation journey of our customers. Leveraging our technological strength, we have been able to create an offering that is completely digital and automated. Customers are also sent updates regarding profit booking through various modes of communication like WhatsApp messages, notifications, mails etc.

It is often said that “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. The same holds true for investment options as well. More than 70,000 customers have made benefited with One Click Equity so far and with the ongoing and planned developments, we expect this number to increase exponentially. Let’s take a sneak peek at what our customers have to say about One Click Equity.


Customer Testimonials

“I have been investing in One Click Equity since its inception and I have seen it getting better with time. I really like the feature of comparing the returns of my portfolio with the benchmarks and the key ratios that are shown for each portfolio. These tools have helped me in the decision making process.” – Sachin Parab


“One Click Equity is a wonderful product. The ease with which one can invest, monitor and exit portfolios is simply unmatched. The platform is also quite user friendly.” – Raja Tehrani


One Click Equity has truly been a game changer as it has transformed the way customers invest in stocks markets and with each passing day, we would like to make it bigger and better.