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One Click Equity ? The Unconventional Way of Equity Investments

The Unconventional Way of Equity Investments

If I say that you are missing out an incredible opportunity to create wealth – what will be your reaction? If I further add this wealth creation is happening through an “un-conventional” way of Equity Investment, I think many will be eager to know how, as there are several Equity investment options available to investors in India?

An equity investment is money that is invested to purchase company share in stock market – hopefully majority know this fact! Equity investments comprise a basket of investment options with each option having a unique set of risks and rewards. While some directly buy company shares, there are some who take help of experts and invest in Equity Mutual Funds. Equity mutual funds are ideally meant for those investors who have limited idea about stocks to invest in because wither they lack knowledge or lack time. Apart from these two, there are several other Equity investment options as well.

But what’s this “un-conventional” way of investing in Equity?

ICICIdirect – The largest retail broker and financial product distributor in India is celebrating 1,00,000 Portfolio subscriptions in One Click Equity. This milestone has been achieved in less than a year of its launch.

So what is One Click Equity and what are the salient features of this product? In this blog let us deep dive into understanding the product better.

One Click basically helps investors to invest, oversee and exit portfolio at a click. It basically helps to diversify investments in theme-based baskets of stocks and ETF’s hand-picked by the award winning research team of ICICIdirect. The portfolios are pre-curated by the experts – what you have to do is to just choose your favorite theme and invest.

From the “Best of TATA” to the “House of Mahindra”, from the “Best Large-Caps” to the “Best Small-Caps”; The One Click Equity has it all. ICICIdirect has introduced more than 85 theme based portfolios in the last 1 year. Around 47 portfolios have been booked till now with the average return of 16% in just 2.5 months. I don’t think there can be a better way to create wealth!

ICICIdirect has kept innovating the journey of One-Click Equity by enriching the customer experience as it starts getting established as one of the favorite products which clients have used and benefitted. This journey which started from having just a web version of the product is now available on the ICICIdirect Mobile App as well.

One of the salient features of the product is that it is highly flexible – Investors get both the option either to invest lump sum or invest in a staggered way through SIP. The choice just like mutual fund has been left on the investor!

The best thing is there is no lock in. Stay invested as per research recommendation or as per your preference. Apart from these customers also get the option of customization and wider choice of theme portfolios.

Investment in Equity Market is simple but not easy! But with products such as ICICIdirect One Click Equity existing in market, growing wealth through investment in Equity market becomes both simple and easy. Do what you want to with your investment - compare your portfolio performance against benchmark on a real time basis or further invest in the same portfolio or exit the portfolio with ease – This is really a revolutionary product where one should never miss investing!