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What is ICICIdirect Neo?

ICICIdirect Neo is our revolutionary new-age brokerage plan where you have to pay Zero Brokerage on Futures, only Rs.20 per order on unlimited Options and Equity Intraday trades.

  • 0

    Zero Brokerage for all Future trades
  • 20

    Rs.20 only per order for Options and Equity Intraday
  • 20

    Rs.20 only per order for Currency and Commodity

Plan Details

ICICIdirect Neo 0 Brokerage on Futures
Scheme Validity : Lifetime
Plan Fees : Rs.299
Demat AMC : Rs. 700  Rs. 300
Interest on Shares as Margin : 0.025% per day only
eATM : Get money in 5 minutes on selling shares

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Best of Both – ICICIdirect Neo + ICICIdirect Prime

Brokerage Prime + Neo
  • Combining our two plans of ICICIdirect Neo and ICICIdirect Prime creates greater benefits for all our needs.
  • Get reduced brokerage in Cash (Delivery) as low as 0.10% along with the ICICIdirect Neo Advantages
  • You can benefit for both your Investing and Trading requirements by combining the two plans.

For the advantages of combining Neo with Prime

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“The Neo plan that has been launched is going to be path breaking in nature and it opens up a different avenue. The plan is a lot more competitive in nature which I think will create a lot of excitement amongst people who usually trade in the financial markets. My best wishes to ICICIdirect Team.”

– Mr Prag


“Neo will reduce brokerage charges to a great extent. I have found it very useful after using it and am very happy with how it is working for me.”

– Mr Keshav


“The Neo plan is excellent because it’s a lifetime plan. It is well received in the market and I have introduced my family to use ICICIdirect trading platform as well as my colleagues and friends.”

– Mr Angelo


ICICIdirect Neo is the discounted brokerage plan offered by ICICIdirect. The benefits of ICICIdirect Neo are:

Futures: All Futures trades at Zero brokerage. Applies to Intraday and Carry Forward

Options: All Options trades at flat Rs.20 per order unlimited for Intraday and Carry Forward

Equity Intraday: Equity intraday trades at only Rs.20 per order. Applies to both Margin Broker and Margin Plus

You can login to www.icicidirect.com > Settings > ICICIdirect Neo Pricing > Subscribe.
This is a one-time subscription plan and is valid for lifetime.
The brokerage rates for delivery/cash segment would continue to be as per your existing plan. To know more, click here to know brokerage in Prime/Prepaid/I-Secure
No, there is no limit. You can place unlimited free trades on Futures. Also, unlimited trades can be placed for both Options and Intraday Equity at only Rs 20 per order.
The process of deactivation is as follows: Login to icicidirect.com> Setting> ICICIdirect Neo > Deactivate. There shall be no refund for the subscription fee paid for ICICIdirect Neo under any circumstance.
Yes, a customer can re-activate the ICICIdirect Neo plan after deactivation.
Yes, the Neo plan would mapped on the same day of request if it is placed before 03:45 pm which is the cut-off time subject to successful debit of Neo fees and migration to running account. The request placed after 03:45 pm will be processed on the next trading day.
If you have subscribed for Options 195, Option 20 or Bullet plan, then these plans would be discontinued and only the pricing as per the ICICIdirect Neo plan would be applied in Option segment. The bullet facility would also be revoked.

For Eg: If you have already subscribed to Option 20 plan, then on activation of ICICIdirect Neo plan, Option trades would be charged Rs 20/order at no extra cost for lot size as per ICICIdirect Neo plan.

Your money is available to you at any point of time and funds will be added to your ICICIdirect-linked wallet. You will have to allocate the funds from linked wallet to trading account for trading under any segment.  At time of selling also, funds will be credited to your linked wallet. This is applicable for both ICICI Bank and Non-ICICI Bank customers

The minimum brokerage which shall be charged in Equity Intraday (Margin Broker and Margin Plus) for transactions upto Rs.40000 will be 0.05% of the trade value or Rs.20 per order, whichever is lower.

For example: If the trade value for an order placed in Margin Broker is Rs.30,000. Since it is less than Rs.40,000, we shall choose the lower value between 0.05% of trade value or Rs.20. 0.05% of trade value Rs.30,000 is Rs.15, which is lower than Rs.20 and thus will be the brokerage charged for the Margin Broker trade worth Rs.30,000.

The ‘Change mode’ and ‘Convert to Delivery’ functionality would not be available for intraday products in ICICIdirect Neo plan.

There will be no change in the statutory charges and taxes levied. Statutory charges and taxes will be levied on all trades.

Trades squared off in Equity Intraday (Margin Plus and Margin Broker) and F&O segment by the system through expiry or due to margin shortfall will be charged a separate charge of Rs 50 per order with effect from January 1, 2021.

The system-square off charges would be capped to maximum Rs 100 for a particular trade date in Derivatives segment. However, no such capping would there in Equity segment and the customers would be charged for each system square off order. The below system orders are excluded in the System orders calculation

  • VTC orders in all segments
  • SEP orders in Equity
  • System Spot sell orders
  • System square off of the profit order in Margin PLUS
  • One click orders

Orders placed through Call n Trade would be chargeable at the rate of Rs.50 per order with effect from January 1, 2021.

If ICICI Direct Neo subscription is active, then withdrawal of funds from your ICICI Direct wallet to your bank account is charged Rs 9 per transfer with effect from January 16, 2021. Deposit of funds has no charges and can be done free of cost.

Buy orders in Margin Trading Facility shall be charged as per your prevailing plan while for squaring off in the same day (intraday) shall be charged as per ICICIdirect Neo plan of Rs 20 per order.

If utilizing Shares as Margin facility in Derivatives, then Interest is charged at a rate of 0.025% per day on 100% of Shares as Margin under ICICI Direct Neo plan with effect from January 1, 2021.

No, the interest on F&O Shares as Margin (SAM) would be applicable only for carry-forward positions and not for positions which have been squared off during the day. So, you can take intraday positions with SAM without any additional charges.

You have to pay a one-time/lifetime subscription fee of Rs 299 + GST.