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Smart Beta : A breakthrough in the realm of Passive Investments
Index-based investing is gaining prominence worldwide and India is no exception. Products like passive index fund & ETFs are extremely relevant in the current landscape where investors are seeking efficient least cost avenues for investments. The quest for superior risk-adjusted returns over indices has in the meanwhile given rise to smart beta index strategies. Smart beta strategy uses a robust approach in index construction rules vs. traditional market capitalization-based rules.
The ICICI Securities Active Index PMS is a differentiated value-added offering for our customers which uses the smart beta factors of lower volatility and higher alpha to generate superior risk adjusted returns.
Benefit of Lower Volatility along with Alpha Creation
The fund is managed by Mr. Azeem Ahmad, who has more than 15-years of work experience in Capital Markets. In his last assignment, Azeem was the chief macro strategist for ICICI Securities Retail Research team.
Minimum Investment : Rs. 50 lakhs
Performance (updated as on 30 June 2019) :